Zip Lockers

Zip Lockers

Zip Lockers – Air-Operated Locking Differential

With the flip-of-a-switch the Yukon Zip Locker will provide you with 100% traction on both of your tires when they are engaged, and give you full maneuverability when they are disengaged. The instant selectability will make the navigation of difficult topography much easier. The Yukon Zip Locker will provide the instant power of 4-wheel drive when you need it most.

  • Works With Multitude of Air Delivery Systems
  • Forged 8620 Steel Case
  • 4320 Steel Internals for Maximum Strength
  • Made in the USA

The Zip Locker from Yukon is an air-operated locker that gives you complete traction as needed. The selectable locker features incredible power in both its internal gears and case and it will provide quick benefits when switching in and out of lockup. It’s perfect for both on-road and off-road driving.

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